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Halkidiki villa is located on Spathies beach known for its crystal clear blue waters and white sand.

Do your dreams take you to a place where the sea dazzles in the late-afternoon sun and the clouds imprint shadows on the sand? If so, Villa Halkidiki is the answer to your dreams.
The most exclusive villa in Halkidiki is a little piece of paradise. A private location with captivating view, crushed seashell paths and blooming nature covers 13.000 square meters of heaven. The only distractions are the outdoors.

If you deconstruct Greece you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine and a boat remain. That is, with at much, you reconstruct her

The villa is discreetly located in Halkidiki’s coastline, in Spathies beach. SPATHIES BEACH IS KNOWN FOR ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE WATERS AND WHITE SAND. Halkidiki Villa was build in 1980 and maintains its dreamy, unique beauty until today and the olive grove consisting of more than 25 olive trees over 35 years old, imparts the natural element in the idyllic place.

White paths of crushed seashells meander the acres of tropical flowers, palm trees and Spathies sandy beach. Enjoy the isolation with every one of the requisite luxuries.

More specifically Villa Halkidiki offers:

4 rooms inside the main building

3 bungalows

1 terrace with barbeque appliance, WC, bar, living and dining room

Tennis field


Friendly suggestion: No phones, no TVs and no shortage of fun and romance. Enjoy the solitude.


2 storages

1 main living room

1 kitchen

4 bathrooms


You have the opportunity to redesign the villa to meet your needs. In more detail, the main building has 4 existing rooms that can be upgraded to luxury suites, while there is an opportunity to build an additional suite. Each suite includes a private bathroom. There is the ability to acquire a building permit with the capability to construct an additional 300 square meters house.


The rest of the area can be exploited based on your preferences. Auxiliary spaces of 300 square meters can be redesigned around the villa creating luxury spots with Jacuzzi and swimming pool. You can also benefit from the free space and build a 100sq.m accommodating space.


Exquisite Halkidiki Villa is up for sale.
If what you need is unique location, beautiful surroundings and privacy, then this is the place! This private villa can be transformed per your requirements and requests offering a beautiful experience to all visitors or exploiting as a boutique hotel or small residential villas.


Contact us for further details.


Beautiful Halkidiki Villa is also available for rent.

Whatever occasion is on, villa offers top luxurious comfort and peace. The extensive garden is ready to host your loving moments whether it’s your wedding, a party or any other event. Short lets or long-term rentals are most welcome.


Contact us for further details.

Location & Access points

The location is :
1 hour away from Makedonia airport in Thessaloniki
15 minutes away from Porto Carra’s helideck.
Nearby marines can be found in 8km away from Nikiti and in 8km from Ormos Panagias.

Useful information:
July is the hottest month in Halkidiki with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) and the coldest is January at 9°C (48°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 13 in July. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 25°C (77°F).

Luxury meets convenience in Halkidiki Villa. This quiet residence is close to top places where you one can visit. Cool beach bars, nice restaurants, sports, special events and cute stores are only some of the things one can do when being there. The villa is ideally located for everyone who wants to explore the beautiful Halkidiki region and surrounding areas. Here are some excursions you can enjoy nearby:

If you are a wine enthusiast, hop on! The tour will show you around the beautiful mountains, forests, vineyards, gardens and fruit fields. You will also visit the capital of Halkidiki, Poligiros and continue to the picturesque Arnea, famous for its excellent wines and wonderful textiles.

Athitos or Afitos is one of the most idyllic villages in Halkidiki. It is bud based on a traditional architectural style with old stone-built and wood. You can stroll down the cobblestone paths, relax at one of the local taverns and enjoy the fantastic view to Toroneos Gulf.

Travel to Ormos Panagias on the top eastern corner of the Sithonia Peninsula and then sail towards Mount Athos – where you can take amazing pictures of the “Holy Mountain” and its fantastic monasteries.

The Aegean promises some breathtaking scenery and some of the most crystal clear waters in Europe. Live the extreme Halkidi with your family or  friends and rent a boat to explore nearby beaches. Seize your holidays!




Spathies Beach, Halkidiki

8 am – 5 pm